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Debbie Gilman Danielle & Devan


anielle & Devan

Hiring Chloe as our coordinator was one of the best, if not best decisions we made for our wedding! She was recommended to us by our venue in Port Gamble and I am so grateful for that! Due to COVID we had to postpone our wedding twice, and she was there for us the entire time. From the start, she was super friendly, and I could definitely tell she knew what she was talking about. I was a bit overwhelmed with choosing vendors and she gave me her recommendations-which I took, and they all were amazing as well. I frequently messaged asking advice and she always responded quickly, and I could always trust her judgment 100%. She took the few pictures I gave her for my wedding decor inspiration and worked with my florist to make my whole wedding look more beautiful than I had expected. She also took SO much stress out of the wedding day by preparing us and letting us and our guests know when and where we needed to be. On top of all of that, she officiated our wedding. After years of planning and replanning, it was so great to have her up there with us. I cannot say enough great things about Chloe, I am just so grateful that she was there with us on our big day! DEFINITELY hire her, you will be very happy that you did!!

Photo Credit: Debbie Gilman Photography

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